Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Five Friendly Fur Babies Giveaway to Celebrate NIRMM

Special NIRMV Opportunity for National Inspirational Role Models Month (NIRMM)!

As days grow colder, you may want to cuddle up with a friend. You might desire a cheerful surprise for someone else. In either case, take advantage of this special opportunity while celebrating NIRMM this
November. Just email your name to by the deadline of Thursday, December 2, 2021 with “Fur Babies” on the subject line. In keeping with also celebrating the NIRMV Fifth Anniversary Celebration Season, we will draw names and give away five friendly fur babies. We cannot wait to send five cute critters to new homes. Visit for more information about NIRMM, brochure and official items store. Note: Depending on availability, all fur babies may not be the same as the one shown above. Five Friendly Fur Babies Giveaway flyer (PDF)