Monday, March 29, 2021

April is National Poetry Month

 To celebrate, NIRMV Founder and President Darlene House reads "An Hymn to the Evening," a poem by Phyllis Wheatley.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Meet Our Inaugural A-YES! Honoree

Patrice Cornelious, A-YES! honoree
Congrats to Patrice Cornelious, A-YES! NIRMV Director David L. House, Jr. Memorial Tribute Project Inaugural Honoree. Amid-Year Empowering Service! (A-YES!) commemorates an older brother's tradition of showing extra-support for NIRMV Founder/President Darlene House during her birthday season. A-YES! was launched with unsolicited tribute donations for NIRMV after David's death. It aims to provide positive support for young adults who often receive negative responses or encounter challenges. Read about Patrice's achievements on

NIRMV Director David L. House, Jr., who passed away last year.


Remembering Roy Burgess, Mystery Artist

Roy Burgess, mystery artist, with NIRMV originator Darlene House.

NIRMV is sad to acknowledge the death of our Mystery Artist. Roy Burgess, a retired engineer extraordinaire, generously shared his drawing talents. He humbly created requested art saluting inspirational musicians and allowed its distribution at public events plus posting on #RIP