National Inspirational Role Models Visionaries, (NIRMV) Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity functioning as a literacy-linked, community service and volunteer-driven organization.


NIRMV seeks to encourage everyone to discover and celebrate inspirational role models. Major efforts include planning, promoting and executing programs and activities for National Inspirational Role Models Month (NIRMM) plus other linked ideas throughout the year.

In 2005, multi award-winning journalist/public relations practitioner Darlene House originated NIRMM as an annual November celebration. She achieved success in jobs where few African Americans and women had made in roads. Fortunately, she was motivated by her ultimate historic role model journalist/editor Ida B. Wells Barnett plus ultimate contemporary role model maternal grandmother entrepreneur/motivational speaker Louisiana Hines (widely acknowledged as one of the world’s oldest people who lived to be a still vibrant 114).

Support and feedback for NIRMM reflected the need for people to acknowledge sources of inspiration and impact on their lives. Consequently, as NIRMM coordinator, House was supported by diverse talented team and corporate/non-profit partners. During the first decade, they introduced and maintained activities and programs. Responses from NIRMM Team, partners and general public reflected strong desires for NIRMM activities and programs to be expanded throughout the country and year. Doing so can lead to enhanced self-esteem, knowledge and motivation to achieve goals.


The mission of NIRMV is to acknowledge impact contemporary and historic role models have on our lives.


NIRMV will address its mission by:
  • Encouraging people of all ages to celebrate contemporary and historic role models.
  • Supporting historic role models research by providing guidance/informative resources.
  • Sponsoring/promoting opportunities to connect networking with celebrity professional role models.
  • Stressing links between reading and sharing stories as wonderful sources of inspiration.
  • Utilizing art, dance, literature, music, poetry, sports and writing as means of celebrating role models and achievements.

Board of Directors

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President: Darlene House, Owner/Chief Communications Specialist, House of Communications

Treasurer/NIRMM Chair: Cynthia Hines, Human Resources Expert

Senior Services Coordinator: Nancie Coley, Founder/Chief Calligrapher, Calligraphy by Coley