Thursday, October 1, 2020

NIRMV Salutes 2020 Partner of the Year

Prince Hall Grand Youth Fraternity, Jurisdiction of Michigan

National Inspirational Role Models Visionaries (NIRMV) loves giving recognition where it is due. As a 501 (c) (3) public charity, we were encouraged to carry on amid challenging times. By partnering with the Prince Hall Grand Youth Fraternity, Jurisdiction of Michigan (Grand Youth Fraternity), NIRMV was able to evolve some of our signature events/projects plus launch new ones. Aspects sustained included NIRMV Recommended Reading List Kids Edition and community service drives. Notable launches included NIRMV Inspiring High School Grads and Reading Rewards Stay-At-Home Party. The Grand Youth Fraternity was our largest group of participants for Reading Rewards. NIRMV strongly believes, even during a pandemic, it is important to keep our youth inspired and positively engaged for ongoing success. We remain grateful to Grand Youth Fraternity Chair Jackie Butts, Adult Advisor Leona Phillips and other leaders/parents who avidly supported NIRMV efforts. NIRMV salutes our 2020 Partner of the Year again with sincerest wishes for continued growth and success.

Darlene House NIRMV Founder

President Shirley Berry NIRMV Awards/Recognition Chair

                                           Detroit Chapter of NIRMV 2020 Partner of the Year