Thursday, December 13, 2018

NIRMV Recommended Reading List Tenth Anniversary Highlights

After a decade of creating and distributing the NIRMV Recommended Reading List, our dedicated team felt there was great cause for celebration. We had a great time throughout 2018 sharing news about our signature literature focus with diverse people from kids to seniors. Children at Metropolitan Detroit Area Boys & Girls Clubs enjoyed participating in NIRMV Adventure Land plus Face of Greatness Coloring Contest linked to kids list books and authors. The climatic event for the list was held at Detroit Public Library Main Library as a complement to a month and half showcase exhibit set up near library's Cass Avenue entrance. Featured authors of list selections were present to share insights and readings plus conduct book signings/giveaways. They included Anne Doyle, Jean Alicia Elster and Gwen Lewis. It was thrilling to hear selections from the Detroit Public Library Choir. Long-time NIRMV Recommended Reading List team member and supporter, educator Erica Dean, received an outstanding leadership award. Another highlight was presentation of award to the NIRMV The Next Chapter Teen Essay Contest Winner. To encourage inspirational reading of books from all genres, NIRMV gave away and donated list books throughout the year. Read on!